What Are The Best Longboard Bearings In 2017 ?

When longboarding you want to ensure that you have the best experience possible. That includes having a board that looks good, but more importantly, your board has to ride smooth Over the surfaces that you will encounter. You cannot always predict the type of surface and how smooth it may be, but when well equipped, your board can take on practically any hard surface throughout your city. Part of that equipment is the bearings that you put into your longboard. The factory may put bearings in, but to have a truly customized experience, you need to have the best longboard bearings on the market, and here they are.


Bones Ceramic Reds Bearings

Longboarding should be an exhilarating experience, but it is impossible to have a good experience when the bearings of your longboard are not working properly. Bones Ceramic Reds Bearings are the answer you have been looking for. These bearings are made of the highest quality materials to allow your board to rid smoothly and multiple surfaces. That enables you to get the ride you truly deserve without having to stop and make adjustments to the board. A great experience is packaged along with every pack of these top-quality bearings.

Top Pros

  • Some bearings are not worth purchasing simply because they are made of sub-par materials. Bones Ceramic Reds Bearings are made from durable materials that enable them to outlast even the more expensive brands on the market.
  • The Bearings of you longboard is what make it go fast and these bearings are the answer for anyone looking for the fastest, smoothest ride you will have on any longboard.
  • Cleaning the bearings is also a simple task with these bearings due to the removeable plate. The easy cleaning feature reduces friction and further enhances the speed of the bearings.

Top Cons

  • Do not come with spacers
  • Only come in 2 colors
  • Can be a bit pricey for initial investment

The Bones Ceramic Bearings are perfect for all skaters no matter their experience level. If you want a quality ride with expert designed bearings, these are the ones for you. The best riders have the best equipment.

Bones Swiss Ceramics

There are different classes of bearings in longboarding, but the true longboard rider understands that the quality of their equipment is what counts the most. Quality and dependability go into every Bones Swiss Ceramic manufactured and that quality can be felt with every ride. The quality is not only present in the look of the product, but in every facet of its existence.

One of the most important parts of these bearings is the high-speed nylon ball that allows the rider to ride faster than many other brands. The bearings are also designed to resist dirt while in use to ensure that nothing gets in the way of you having an amazing experience every time you ride your longboard. These bearings come in a pack of eight and they are sure to give you the professional experience you have been waiting for.

Top Pros

  • Comes with spacers as well as instructions, so even if you are not a professional longboard rider as of yet, you can have the ability to look like one until you gain the experience necessary to become the expert.
  • Sustained ride through nylon ball retainers and Bones Speed Cream Lubricant so the ride can keep going as long as you do.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty to keep from any manufacturer defects that may accompany the product now, or in the future.

Top Cons

  • Can be noisy if not cleaned properly
  • Smooth ride is only when the bearings are cleaned regularly
  • May be expensive for beginning riders.

The Bones Swiss Ceramic bearings are not just your everyday average bearings. Their high-quality design has been adapted to the needs of the longboard rider, so you are assured to have a smooth and dependable ride every time. These bearings are sure to outlast most of the competition and leave other riders falling behind in your wake.

Zealous Bearings

It is a common misconception among longboard riders that in order to get quality bearings, you have to pay an exorbitant amount of money. The truth is, that it is not the price that determines whether or not bearings are good for longboarding, but rather the way they are manufactured The Zealous Bearings are perfect proof of that fact.

These bearings are remarkably inexpensive when compared to many other brands. In addition, they have a specialized lubricant that fills in any defect within the bearing and then hardens the expertly designed nano ceramic compound to the area with the defect. The result is the hardest and most reliable bearings you will come in contact with within the longboarding world.

Top Pros

  • Built in spacers so you need not worry about whether or not you have installed them correctly.
  • The Zealous Bearings also have built in speed rings for enhanced speed anytime you choose to ride.
  • The specialized green rubber seals not only look good on any longboard, they are designed to resist dirt and therefore enable the product to last much longer than many other competitors.

Top Cons

  • May not work with light up wheels as the rubber will interfere with the connection to light the wheels.
  • Can take some time to break the bearings in properly.
  • Bearings can rust if not maintained and cleaned properly.

The Zealous Bearings are for the longboard riders that want professional results with a little design element as well. The green color enables your board to stand out and the top-quality design allows you to keep going when other bearings stop or slow down their riders.

Bones Super Swiss 6 Competition Skate Bearings

Any bearing can be adequate for those that only use longboarding as a leisure activity, but if you are looking for professional results, you have to invest in professional equipment and the Bones Super Swiss 6 Competition Skate Bearings are the ones that will fit the bill.

Reputation can be a key ingredient when shopping for anything and that is not more true than when shopping for longboarding equipment. Swiss is known for their innovative designed on their longboard equipment and they have put every effort into their new Bones Super Swill 6 Competition Skate Bearings. The key factor in the design is the fact that instead of the seven-ball configuration, the diameter of the 6 balls used is slightly larger making the bearing much more efficient and versatile with all forms of longboarding. The design also enhances speed and flexibility giving you a great edge on the competition.

Top Pros

  • Removable shield enables the bearings to be cleaned properly in order to reduce wear and tear as well as friction while riding.
  • The lifetime warranty ensures that should any manufacturer defects ever occur, the user is not liable and can return the bearings for an entire new set.
  • The fact that these bearings are made for competition use means that they will be able to withstand anything that the standard longboard rider can throw at them. They will never let you down and will last for years to come.

Top Cons

  • Speed can slow due to not properly cleaning the bearings.
  • Cleaning can also be a factor should you hear any noise within the bearings.
  • This is a professional grade product and therefore it is intended for professional grade riders.

Although not all longboard riders enter into the competition realm of the sport, it does not hurt to have professional equipment at the ready should a professional opportunity arise. Even if you never get the chance to ride professionally, you will appreciate the attention to the smallest detail in the Bones Super Swiss 6 Competition Skate Bearings.

Yellow Jacket Premium Bearings

When you decide to go longboarding for the day, you never want to have anything get in your way. Unfortunately, many times an imperfection in bearings or even stress on the wheels can cause the bearings to break leaving you without a way to ride. Never trust in just any bearing when it comes to your longboard. When only the top quality will do, there is only one place to turn to and that is Yellow Jacket Premium Bearings.

It is common for longboard riders to race against their friends or even in high-stakes competition. There can be a difference in racing for fun or racing in competition, but the Yellow Jacket Premium Bearings are designed to encompass all forms of riding and therefore you do not have to change out bearings should you decide to race professionally or just a fun race around the block. These bearings have a great reputation and have been used by both professionals and average longboard riders for many years. It is the high-quality design and attention to detail that sets these bearings apart from others.

Top Pros

  • These bearings are versatile for not only longboards, but virtually any type of device that requires fast wheels, so you can use the same bearings for skateboards, longboards, and rollerblading.
  • Unlike other bearings that only come in one color option, Yellow Jacket Premium Bearings come in 5 different colors including black mamba, bomber blue, jungle green, racer red, and the original yellow jacket.
  • Lubrication is a key ingredient when longboarding and where some longboard bearings tend to scrimp on the lubrication used within the bearings, Yellow Jacket only uses the highest quality lubrication to ensure that you never have to worry about your ability to have a good ride.

Top Cons

  • Like all bearings, rust can set in if they are not properly cleaned and maintained, so to avoid this, be sure to follow all maintenance procedures thoroughly.
  • These bearings can be a bit louder than others, but a little noise has never bothered a real longboard rider.
  • The bearings are not sealed, but do have a highly efficient cover to block dirt and debris, so if you are looking for a truly sealed bearing, these are not those.

A longboard rider has a certain reputation they must live up to. They have to maintain an image, and with the backing and reputation of Yellow Jacket Premium Bearings along with the remarkable design and colors available, you can look professional as well as enjoy the top-quality bearings that enable you to have a smooth and fun ride each and every time.

Longboard riding is a freeing experience that enables both professionals as well as the average rider to enjoy the great outdoors. If you are beginning to get into the sport of longboarding, there are a few things that you may want to consider before purchasing any board or any equipment for the sport. Longboarding is a versatile sport that can take the rider practically anywhere. Be sure that the place you intend on riding is adapted for longboarding and free of impractical surfaces. Most cities are particularly adapted to the sport for the main fact that there are well-maintained streets as well as sidewalks connecting everyone to everywhere.

The sport of longboarding is attractive to many, but proper training as well as proper safety precautions should be maintained throughout the learning process and beyond. Your equipment including your longboard bearings will ensure that you have a successful experience and therefore it is important that you invest the time and effort it takes to discover the right equipment for your needs. This list of the best longboard bearings will give you a good head start as to what you need to do as far as maintenance is concerned.

​Once you have your equipment it is important that you understand the maintenance of the specific product. Bearings and all parts of the longboard have to be maintained properly in order to spin freely and last a long time. A failure to maintain your bearings can void any warranty you may have on the product, so be sure to follow all instructions especially regarding cleaning to ensure that even the best longboarding bearings stay in top condition throughout the life of the product.

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