Best Longboard Trucks In 2017

When doing customizations on your longboard, one of the key areas is with the trucks. The purchasing of new trucks can be due to bending, breaking, rust, or just to increase the performance of the longboard. Finding the best longboard trucks can be a bit of a hassle for the novice, especially given the fact that there are so many brands available (not all of them good).

Before you purchase your trucks, you should make an mental note as to what you intend to do with your longboard. Do you want to perform downhills, blowouts, carving, or tricks? Your answer will greatly determine the type of trucks you should buy. And while it is true that there are some universal brands available, many are catered to highlight a specific function.

To help guide you in your decision, here are the best longboard trucks


Bear Grizzly 852 181mm Skateboard Trucks (Set of 2)

These trucks are custom cast to maximize the strength and its ability to support more weight. There are two options available for the Bear Grizzly 852 181mm Skateboard Trucks. First you have a 52-degree baseplate ideal for all around longboarding. Those which wish to perform fast down hills and require a bit more stability when riding may want to use the other option which is a 40-degree baseplate.

The design of the Bear Grizzly 852 181mm Skateboard Trucks allow for the baseplate to be turned. By doing such the board can transition from being a general carving board to one which is more aptly suited for downhill performance. Customers have stated that the trucks are a bit wider than those of some competitive brands, allowing for a tightness on shifts while at the same time offering less resistance when cruising. You will need to adjust your kingpin in order to fine tune the riding experience to your specific needs, but such is easy to do and a fairly standard practice. If you need assistance in kingpin tuning, there are several videos available on YouTube.

Top Pros

  • Wider Wheel Base for better Stability. This may be an aesthetic con for some riders. However, the wider base does allow for better wheels in some cases, so it really comes down to a trade off in performance vs. design.
  • Custom Casting allows for increased weight loads and a stronger deck
  • Available in 52 and 40 degree baseplates to maximize the performance based specifically on the needs of the longboarder.
  • Great for carving and down hill
  • Free of Wobbles

Top Cons

  • The trucks are non-lubricated upon delivery meaning you will need to have some on hand when installing. Do not attempt to ride the board without proper lubrication or you will tear up your bearings and wheels. Grinding metal on metal is never good.
  • Brushings may need to be replaced straight out of the box.
  • It has been reported that some trucks have arrived with superficial rust upon the surface. This will need to be removed prior to install.

These trucks are all-purpose trucks allowing for both the novice as well as the advanced longboard rider to take advantage of their functionality. As the wheel base, does tend to increase with these trucks, beginners may find that this is a great option for adding stability to the board.

Gullwing Sidewinder II 10.0 Black/Rasta Skateboard Trucks (set of 2)

Those which wish to have a longboard specifically for carving may find the Gullwing Sidewinder II 10.o Black/ Rasta Skateboard Trucks to be useful. They are a heavier truck then most standard defaults you will get on your board which allows for a smoother ride and stability when cruising. The trucks do offer a faster ride, but it is ill advised to try to take a board with these trucks on a downhill and stability starts to decline at high speeds.

Top Pros

  • Wide and thick design makes for increased stability. Sliding on the board is improved due to the wider design, but skateboarders and longboarders alike should still take precautions not to break the board or run your trucks upon the ground.
  • Trucks may increase the speed of your longboard
  • Great for carving and general cruising
  • High durability

Top Cons

  • Not stable at high speeds as there is too much wobble.
  • Only designed for carving. Down hill and tricks are not recommended for these trucks
  • May be too wide for some people’s longboards

Best suited to the intermediate to advanced longboarder who has the basics down and wishes to have a customizable board specifically for carving. It is not recommended for those just starting out as he or she is likely to get frustrated with the limitations of the trucks.

50 180mm Longboard Trucks

Built with Grade 8 steel on a 356.2 virgin aluminum gravity modeled breastplate and hanger, the 50 180mm longboard trucks are an upgrade and customization option for those which want to bomb down a hill, perform tricks, or just to cruise on the longboard. Additionally, the turn radius of the trucks (combined with the types of wheels you select) can transform your board from strictly urban to one which is able to handle most terrain including gravel roads and hardened dirt surfaces.

Baseplate design has a 6-hole configuration to accommodate older and newer styles. Brushings are specifically made to reduce the rebound and vibration caused by trucks.

Top Pros

  • Trucks are effective for a wide range of use from downhill, to tricks, to cruising
  • Trucks are available in multiple colors to compliment the aesthetics of the existing board
  • Easy to adjust to get the speed you require.
  • Includes washers. If you have the washers from your prior trucks, do not use the old washers but save them just in case you ever need some. It is always best to put new equipment with new equipment for the best results.

Top Cons

  • Some customers have complained about a poor brushing seat. Ensure that you inspect the trucks prior to install and return the trucks if you note any imperfections in the brushing.
  • May provide too much speed for the novice. The wheels that you choose as well as the bearings will play a part in this as well.
  • There are some limitations to the tricks you can perform due to the stiffness

The 50 180mm Longboard Truck is an inexpensive option for most boards. They are not considered a high end specialty truck, so those seeking such may want to look for such. Great for down hill, carving, and cruising.

Paris Raw 180mm Truck (Sold by 2)

If you are looking for a truck which has been designed with extra strength capabilities, then the Paris Raw 180mm Truck may be for you. These trucks are formed from Grade 8 Steel, and then a secondary treatment process is added to the forging of the trucks treatment process to increase the strength and durability. Breastplate construction is from the standard 356.2 virgin aluminum and is drilled with 6 holes, pretty standard.

In terms of key features and performance enhancements, the Paris trucks have a special urethane brushing to damper rebounds and vibrations. You will need to adjust the kingpin on the trucks when mounting them to get the best performance. The chrome look of the trucks make them aesthetically universal with most longboard designs. Mounting the trucks is fairly simple with the 6 hole configuration, whether that mount is on a slimmer nose or on the traditional surfboard style board.

Top Pros

  • Has a secondary treatment for increased durability. Most Pairs brand trucks do have this treatment. By adding increased strength it has been reported that the bend in the board is slightly increased. However, riders should understand that even with an increase in strength that ultimately it is the deck which will determine the weight load, not the trucks.
  • Special Urethane brushing dampers vibrations and rebound.
  • Comes with all the parts you need to assemble with wheels and bearings

Top Cons

  • Customers have complained about the customer service representatives handling any issues or inquires which may arise about the product.
  • There may be a slight amount of noise on the brushing cup when first using. Ensure that you minimize this by adding the proper amount of lubricant prior to riding.
  • May be too stiff for turning. Beginner Longboarders may find that their boards are a bit harder to navigate due to the stiffness.

The Paris Raw 180mm Trucks are sold in pairs of 2 making them suitable for those wishing for a total re-haul of their existing set-up. Those seeking to upgrade from cheaper plastic trucks or for those looking for a stiffer truck which minimizes the vibrations and rebounds may wish to use this brand. Not recommended for beginners and those which have trouble turning.

Paris V2 Amanda Powell Pro Model 180mm Longboard Skateboard Trucks (set of 2)

Named after the famous Skateboarder Amanda Powell, these trucks have a definitive “rebel” vibe. The first thing that you will notice is that the purple design is covered with cannabis leaves. While the trucks are on the lower side of the longboard, you may want to think twice before bringing a longboard with this set of trucks to a family picnic or Church function. Apart from the somewhat controversial print, the Paris V2 Amanda Powell Pro Model 180mm Longboard Skateboard Trucks these trucks have a fairly nice overall construction.

The Divine 90a Urethane brushing increases dampening on the rebound and vibrations, secondary heat treatment increases the strength and durability of the product, and the stability of the truck design can handle 170 pounds or more depending on the board and wheel set up. Customers have complimented the increase in speed when using the Paris V2 Amanda Powells with some riders reaching in excess of 30MPH.

Top Pros

  • Turns are fairly nice even at high speeds
  • Extremely stable allowing for heavier weight loads on the board
  • Can perform Downhills, Blowouts, carving, and tricks without too much adjustment of the kingpin or other components.

Top Cons

  • Cannibus design is not suitable for younger children and may have negative impacts upon the person riding the board.
  • The speeds which can be reached with the trucks may be too great for beginners.
  • The trucks do tend to wobble at higher speeds. This is not so much a con as most trucks do present a level of wobble. However, it is worth noting, especially if you are planning on using your longboard for downhills.

This board is best suited for older teens and adults (due to the design) who wish to have a fairly fast longboard. The versatility in performance options allow for purchasers of this board to cruise as well as perform tricks, making it ideal for anyone with longboard experience. Due to the purple design, you may want to ensure that the aesthetics do not clash too horribly with your existing design.

Buying Considerations

​When purchasing trucks, it is essential that you try to pair the trucks you are purchasing with the breastplate design of the existing trucks. You do not want to have to bore new holes into the longboard as this will weaken the integrity of the board. Furthermore, the trucks only play a partial role in the overall performance of your board. To have the best longboard trucks, you need to have the best bearings as well as the best wheels on your skateboard. You cannot simply have good trucks but cheap wheels and bearings. Should you have questions about your wheels and bearings ask around, look at reviews, or watch some videos. If you do not know how to properly install your trucks, refer to a professional, the manufacturer, or to online references before you attempt to install them. Improper installation of trucks are a quick way to damage or render a board unusable.

​Like any part of your skateboard, for the best results and the longest lifespan it is recommended that you store your board in a warm moisture free environment.

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