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The skateboarding and the longboarding community is a well-defined group, so much so that you could even say that they are a culture and art/sports movement all in themselves. As such, the clothing, the boards, the lingo, and of course the backpacks are all a part of the “look”. If you are a beginner or even if you are an experienced skateboarder or longboard rider, then the best longboard pack or best skateboard pack is the first step in merging yourself into the culture. Here are our top 5 selections.


Dakine Mission Backpack

​If a diversified look mixed with the durability and the functionality of the sports backpack, then the Dakine Mission Backpack may be ideal for you. There are 24 colors and patterns available on the pack ranging from green, black, and red, to more eccentric combinations of blues, oranges, and greys. Function wise, the pack has 4 interior slips, an interior zip, an exterior, and two buckle front latches. Material for the backpack is 600D polyester, a standard for the best skateboard backpack. As the pack will be worn while you are skateboarding/longboarding, it is critical that the pack is secured to the waist, especially if you are to perform downhills and cuts. The pack has a stow away waist belt to do just that.

Top Pros

  • The pack comes with a fleece lined padded iPad Sleeve as well as a Fleece Lined Sunglasses or goggle packet. This makes carrying technology as well as supportive accessories safe. Keep in mind though that extreme blowouts may still damage equipment (fleece padding will only work so much).
  • The backpack has been shown to keep contents dry in inclement weather. For the longboard rider or the skateboarder who prefers to try their tricks or uses the board as their main means of transportation, this is a benefit you do not want to overlook. Clean dry clothes make for better comfort.
  • Snaps on the exterior of the pack allow for both longboards and standard sized skateboards to be attached without causing discomfort to the wearer or compromising the integrity of the backpack.

Top Cons

  • Some customers have complained about the base of the pack stating that small holes and seaming issues have been seen after minimal use. It is not clear whether the holes were a result from overloading the pack or if it was a manufacturing defect.
  • Zippers are rather loud and jingly for a backpack. If noise is a concern, you may be a bit put off by the large and loud zippers.
  • The print on some of the bags is a bit different then what is portrayed online. Customers should be aware that the screen and the print resolutions are different and that the saturation of the colors may be slightly darker or lighter.

Element Men’s Mohave Backpack

Skateboarders and longboard riders who are looking for an established brand may wish to look at the Element Men’s Mohave Backpack. One thing which is a bit of an aesthetic eyesore is the large element logo on the back of the pack. Still, because you are purchasing one of the best skateboard backpack options, and the fact that you are paying for the brand, this may not be a bad thing.

Design of the pack is from polyester, a standard on such packs, with a polyester lining. Those which prefer to have that extra cushioning for their devices and content may want to look to a fleece interior. The pack does have straps for attaching a skateboard or a longboard.

Top Pros

  • Extremely durable with some customers stating a life for 5+ years when treated and cared for properly. The backpack is versatile with the ability to transition from a skateboard and longboarding backpack to a student bookbag or an overnight camp bag with ease.
  • The main compartment is rather spacious, allowing for laptops and tablets to be stored without pressing the devices against the interior too much (which can cause damage to the devices). The pouches also allow for various devices to be stored without cluttering them into one container. Strategic planning on the design allows for a skateboard or a longboard to be secured without compromising the integrity of the other pouches.
  • The bottom lining is rather tough. Purchasers have stated that 40+ pounds of content have been added to the bag without causing ripping, tearing, or strain on the seams.

Top Cons

  • Those which have widely used the backpack have found that the seams and the material weakens significantly. Purchasers should keep in mind that if he or she is skateboarding or longboarding, that the odds of scraping the bag against asphalt, concrete, or other road surfaces is high, thus further weakening the overall design.
  • Some customers have complained that the size of the pack is rather small. Penny boards as well as other skateboards and longboards must be placed just right in order to provide comfort as well as store content. Those which have a need for a large main compartment may wish to seek alternative packs.
  • The straps have been reported not to allow enough padding and cause discomfort to the shoulders and pain to the back.

Sector 9 Pursuit Backpack

The Sector 9 Pursuit Backpack is one of the largest and one of the best longboard backpack options on the market. The pack measures 21 x 14 x 9 inches. And while the pack does have the title of a utility pack, the design clearly plays to the skateboarding and longboarding culture. What is especially beneficial for the boarder, is the Velcro based straps on the exterior. This allows for various sizes to be secured without having to constantly re-adjust the buckles which can be a bit frustrating. Additional design befits include a front touch sensitive phone front pocket, a laptop compartment, and a bottom insulated cooler pocket.

Top Pros

  • Board straps have been proven to carry up to 30 pounds without the board slipping. As most boards are within this margin of weight, it can be concluded that the average longboard and skateboard can be secured.
  • Customers have stated that the board holds up rather well against everyday usage as well as heavy endurance based usage (such as downhills, high speeds, and cuts). While you would not wish to grind your backpack against the road for obvious reasons, you can be fairly confident that when treated properly that the pack will last for some time.
  • Interior compartments are some of the largest on the market allowing for various laptops and other larger components to be stored with ease.

Top Cons

  • Straps for the longboard have been reported to rip and slip after use. There is not support on the bottom of the backpack which can enhance the slipping of the board and weaken the integrity of the straps. Customers should also be aware that due to the Velcro on the straps, that they are prone to accumulating debris and fibers which would weaken the durability and strength of the straps when securing a longboard.
  • It has been reported that the bag has collapsed in squishing and pushing against the contents within. Those which do not fill the bag to maximum capacity may find that this causes frustrations with the backpack and limits the strength of the securing straps on a longboard or a skateboard.
  • As the backpack is larger than other competitor brands, some may find that it is a bit too bulky to meet their needs. Those with smaller frames, specifically women, may find that the larger design and the broad straps are unsuitable.

Element Men’s Jaywalker Premium Backpack

While the prior element backpack provided one of the best skateboard backpack options, the logo on the back could be considered a bit excessive. Those who do not wish to ne a marketing campaign for element but still wish to have the brand and the features of the company should consider the Element Men’s Jaywalker Premium Backpack. The pack’s design is 100% polyester with a polyester lining. The logo on the back is minimal, only a small square with the emblem. Shoulder straps are 15” drop. Longboard and skateboards can be secured by an adjustable buckle and strap system.

Top Pros

  • Large compartments give the backpack a versatile functionality. This feature is exceptionally beneficial to the student longboarding rider who needs to carry books and his or her laptop to class.
  • The pack is available in three colors which I believe is a pro. Sometimes the variety of colors and options yields greater disappointment among consumers as the company’s representation and selection tends to sway from the visual representations given. With the limited hues for the pack, the company can focus on the quality of the materials and consistency in the design.
  • The adjustable straps make the pack suitable for teenagers and younger riders as well as adults. Keep in mind that for younger riders, the pack may sit a bit low on the hips. Ensure that you adjust the pack accordingly for safety and comfort purposes.

Top Cons

  • Customers have complained that the interior space is far less roomy then advertised. Books and supplies were not fully stored within the pack, making it a bit superfluous as a school bag.
  • The zippers are a bit snug and when the pack is full, the snugness tends to contribute to a frustration with accessing the contents of the pack. Additionally, as the pack’s size and the zipper make accessibility a bit of a problem, you can conclude that a great deal of on and off the shoulder action will be required.
  • Because the securing mechanism is a buckle, the pack is more apt to see irreplaceable damage should you fall hard. The buckles once broken would need to be replaced (which would mean second-hand buckles) or the pack would need to be replaced. Keep this in mind when buying any pack with plastic buckles. High risk riders should consider Velcro straps or metal buckles if possible.

Eastsport Skater Backpack

There are a few fundamental aesthetic differences between the Eastsport Skater Backpack and the other best skateboard backpack solutions on the market. For one, the pack has more of a luggage appearance then a sports appearance. Even with the Grey, blue, or urban print options (over the standard black), the pack does not seem to break away from this design trait. What is ideal though is that the pack has several pockets for storage and is specifically designed for the longboard and skateboard, where other packs are designed for outdoor sporting (being snowboards, longboards, skateboards, etc.).

Top Pros

  • Two side mesh pockets provide hydration and breathing the pack. This is a critical design plus for those which have electronic equipment. The hydration combined with the mesh of the straps and interior allows for function as well as comfort.
  • The aesthetics of the design is suitable for those which need to have a longboard or a skateboard backpack but do not wish to have the “grunge” or the typical skateboarder look. It is more of a grown-up skateboarder pack.
  • Straps for the skateboard are easily adjusted allowing for various boards to be secured. The support of the board from the straps and the packs has shown very little slipping, a crucial point to having the best longboard backpack.

Top Cons

  • Customers have complained that the straps are a bit too tiny to secure a longboard. Skateboards have been able to be secured in most cases but after use the straps have shown to be a bit less durable than advertised.
  • Some people have complained that the straps have started to separate from the back of the backpack after minimal use. This could be the result of overpacking the pack or it could be a combination of poor craftsmanship mixed with overpacking. Purchasers should examine the pack for any such defect.
  • Some have complained that the pack is more suitable for a skateboard than a longboard in the overall design. Longboards have shown to press in upon the pack (when they can be secured) and the placement is rather awkward on the back.

Backpacks in general

Most backpack companies have a window to return the pack without questions asked. When you purchase your backpack, ensure that it fits your frame without causing discomfort, ensure that your skateboard/longboard does not slip, and most of all make sure that it fits your needs.

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