Best Skateboard For Beginners In 2017

Skateboarding has really taken off in the past few years. Where the culture has been around for several decades, it appears that a new vibrancy and enthusiasm to the sport has emerged. Skateboarding is not just for doing tricks and for teenagers. Many adults are finding that the sport is ideal for exercise as well as for a transportation alternative. If you have considered skateboarding and started to look at the selections available, you will quickly find that there are a ton of options available. And while you may wish to seek out the cheapest alternative, this may not be the best practice. Remember, you generally get what you pay for. Here are 5 the of the best skateboard for beginners.


Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard

The first thing that you will note about the Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard is the smorgasbord of design options. If you cannot find a design that meets your personality and needs here, then you will be a bit hard pressed to find an option that works for you. There have been a few disputes on whether this is a genuine penny board or a generic, so purchasers who are determined to get the actual brand may wish to look elsewhere. However, if you want a decent starter board, this may be the right fit for you.

Top Pros

  • The board has been confirmed by several avid skateboarders to be a great novice means of transportation. The skateboarders stated that this board is suitable for riding over bumps, cracks, and moderate terrain without causing much frustrations.
  • The bearings rotate the wheels a bit slower than some other brands on the market. While this may be seen as a con by some, the slower speed does allow for the beginner to get a firmer grasp upon the concept of riding a skateboard before he or she tries to embark on some of the more advanced tricks and techniques.
  • The board has a definitive throwback to the retro look. If you are wanting to go with the classic/vintage look, then this may be the board for you.

Top Cons

  • Many people have complained that the advertisement on this brand is misleading. The board has been heavily disputed as being a generic rip-off from the Penny Graphic brand. It should therefore not be purchased for the branding but rather for the design.
  • The colors presented are not a true representation of the color of the boards. The black picture for example lends the viewer to believe the board is black where in fact the board is a slightly bluish hue.
  • Bearings and wheels have been reported to be of low quality. Purchasers should understand that this board is for the absolute beginner. Higher quality bearings and wheels would need to be purchased for the board if you wish to get better performance. This board is not recommended for non-beginners.

Rimable Complete 22” Skateboard

There are 23 design options for the Rimable Complete 22” Skateboard, both leaning for the male and female audience. When it comes to the aesthetics of the design, there is a very plastic look to it which may be a bit offsetting to those which want to have that painted wood look. The board is intended as an alternative to the more expensive penny boards on the market, and is for the novice.

Top Pros

  • Customers have stated that the board is rather durable which is a definitive plus for those which are just learning to skateboard. As you will more than likely bang up yourself and the board while you are learning tricks and riding, it should be a comfort that the decals and actual construction of the board will only suffer slightly in most cases.
  • The board has proven to handle weight limits up to 200 pounds. This makes the board suitable for most adults and younger riders. The only concern really should be in the broadness of the feet and shoulders as the length is only 22 inches. The ideal weight for the board is 110 to 150 lbs. and those which are over this weight may see a bit of lag in the speed. Yet, the lag is not a bad thing as this board is for the beginner and could actually provide a bit more control in maneuvers.
  • The design of the board does not compromise the functionality of the board. Specifically, the non-slip features of the board remain intact even though there is a high level of detail print material applied.

Top Cons

  • The bearings on the wheels are rather low quality and some skateboarders have stated that they will need to be replaced prior to any serious riding. This is a minor disadvantage as many brands on the market have a bit of substandard bearings (unless you want to dish out some major cash for the top brands). A good $15 or so should fix the problem.
  • Some riders have complained that the trucks stick. This is not ideal for those learning to ride. You may be able to fix this problem with some lubrication. However, if you find that the trucks continue to stick, return the product and seek an alternative board.
  • Construction of the board has been reported to be less durable than other boards. While the board may not crack and break for riders over 150lbs, there has been a considerable amount of bending and wobbling of the board when ridden.

Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard

The first and perhaps most notable thing about this best skateboard for beginner is that there is only one design option. I think that this is ideal. Instead of focusing on the pattern, the company has given their attention to the functionality of the board. The board is 31 inches long, getting rather close to a longboard rather than a skateboard, and about 8 inches wide. For the beginner, the longer and wide design yields a bit more control. It should be noted though that the long board may restrict the novice in performing certain tricks. While the tricks may be performed (such as a 360) more power and attention will need to be exerted.

Top Pros

  • The large board is suitable for younger riders who would otherwise be uncomfortable and unstable on a smaller board. Some customers have even reported users as young as 4 riding on the board. I would advise that if such an age is to ride the board that adult supervision be given and proper safety equipment be used. The board is more apt to teenage and young adults weight and heights.
  • Customers have complimented the grip tape on the board. The non-slip on the grip tape is an essential part of a skateboard for the beginner. While you are learning to ride the board, you do not wish to have your feet moving about. Yes, you will need to learn proper techniques and foot placement, but having good grip tape is essential as well to ensure that you don’t form bad habits to compensate for slipping.
  • Although the board is a bit longer than most standard boards, the weight is relatively light. This light weight design has resulted in an ease of learning some tricks as well as an ability to carry the board when not in use without much fatigue.

Top Cons

  • Like many low-priced skateboards, the trucks and the wheels are pretty low standard. Those wishing to have the board perform at peak levels are advised to replace the trucks and the bearings upon receiving the board. This added costs on a new product may be a bit of a hassle for some beginners.
  • The board does bend and buckle leading some reviewers to think that the wheel placement is a bit off or that the materials for the board do not take into account the longer length of the board. Heavier individuals may wish to consider a smaller board or a sturdier board rather than attempting to ride this one.
  • The tires are a bit hard on some of the boards resulting in a rough ride, especially over cracks and bumps. As most skateboards are intended for urban use, this could prove to be quite problematic.

Punked Lowrider Drop down through Longboard Complete Skateboard

So the name is a bit confusing, is it a longboard or is this a skateboard? It is a longboard as it measures 40.75 inches in length. Additionally, the nose and the tail of the design is typical of the longboard. However, because the board rests a bit lower than the traditional longboard, those which are looking for an alternative to the rounded or the tapered skateboard, especially those seeking a means of transportation, may wish to consider the Punked Lowrider Drop down through Longboard Complete Skateboard to learn on.

Top Pros

  • An extremely stable board, which is what a beginner needs. The length and the low to the ground design allows for the rider to avoid the typical wobble and awkwardness which other options tend to have. It also allows for the board to reach higher speeds while maintaining control
  • The design is great for the heavier rider providing a nice level of turn. That being stated, those which are under 150lbs may find that the turning capabilities of the board are too tight. Some adjustment may be required.
  • Customers have complimented the durability of the board stating that it is well constructed with minimal chipping and damage when learning. Of course, the more extreme you are on the board the higher the possibility of breaking it.

Top Cons

  • Wheels are a bit short for a longboard. Some have stated that it appears that the longboard was fitted with beginner skateboarding wheels, a bit odd. Where you can ride the board as is, you may want to get larger wheels which are more apt for the longboard before riding.
  • Some have complained that the board is too low to the ground and that debris and curbs cannot be easily navigated. This is one of the key benefits of a longboard and so one which does not allow such should be considered a major disadvantage.
  • The bearings and the trucks of the board will need to be replaced after minimal usage as the parts are cheaply made. Most riders found that the China based parts were not suitable for the beginner board, finding the ride rather uncomfortable on the included equipment.

Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard

For those seeking a broader based skateboard to learn on, the Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard may be a nice solution. The board does have the rounded ends and the minimalistic nose and tail design. Additionally, the top of the board has the black grip design ideal for the beginner or those wishing to try new tricks.

Top Pros

  • Customers have stated that the board is loose enough for the beginner to learn new tricks but tight enough to restrict some of the speed and functionality of the device. Adjusting the wheels will yield higher speeds, so in theory you could start with basic maneuvers and limited speeds and work your way up.
  • The board is well equipped to take on the beginner skateboarder and holds up to wear and tear rather well. As the top is that black grip material, learning tricks is a bit easier than on some alternatives where you have minimal grip and control.
  • The board distributes weight well and can handle most teenagers and young adults without bulking or bending.

Top Cons

  • Pivots on the underside are typically not smooth and the trucks tend to be cheaply made. While the board holds up well, the trucks have a tendency to break after minimal usage. You may want to consider replacing them should you wish to attempt jumps and advanced tricks.
  • The board does sit a bit low for a beginner skateboard making navigation a bit difficult.
  • Like many beginner boards the bearings and the wheels are a bit substandard. Customization on the purchaser is advised.

Buying your first board

​When you purchase your first board, ensure that the board will support your weight, that you can do fundamental tricks (or at least attempt them) on the board, and that your trucks are sturdy. Should you have any questions or concerns about your board, contact the company before you purchase.

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