10 Cool Skateboard Tricks For Beginners

For the majority of us, having a skateboard is for one purpose. That purpose is to do tricks. And while Tony Hawk’s level of skateboarding is outside the reach of the novice, there are a few basic tricks that you can learn. Of course, it is assumed that you understand how to stay on the board and that you use common sense and safety when trying to perform any trick with your skateboard. That being stated, here are 10 cool skateboard tricks for beginners.


Number One: The Chinese Nollie

Perhaps one of the simplest tricks, the Chinese Nollie is a jump that requires only a crack in the pavement. Literally. The Crack or Pavement edge must be an incline from the existing pavement, not a decline, for the trick to work. When traveling on your skateboard lean your weight slightly to the front of the board. Do not let the front of the board touch the pavement, but you do want to have the back wheels come off the ground. When the skateboard hits the curve the front wheel will bounce in the air and you will temporarily take flight.

Number Two: Nollie Shove it 180

If you ever wondered why the board has such a large pocket, this is why. This skateboard trick for beginners utilizes the front pocket of the board. To do this trick, place your front foot in the pocket and your back foot slightly in front of the back tire. Your front foot does all the work here. While in motion, push down and pull back on the front pocket. This will cause the board to spin in an 180. Of course, you will want to have both feet on the board (hope) when it spins, but other than that, there is nothing to it. You can practice the shove with the board idle to ensure that you get that 180. Once comfortable try the trick in motion.

Number Three: Simple Jump

Jumping requires very little technical skill and more attention to what is going on. First, make sure that the board is going in a straight line. Second, when you jump off of the board do not press on the front or the back as this can cause it to swivel of pop up. Do not lean forward as you will push your board backward. You want to jump up and over whatever obstacle your board is going under. When you land, keep your feet off of the front or back nose. Try to land just above the wheels. Avoid landing directly in the middle of your board as it could cause it to break.

Number Four: Rail Stand (primo)

The Rail stand turns the board onto its side whereby you stand on the side (rail) of the board. This is a trick to do when the board is not moving. To perform this trick, move your front foot so that half of the foot is over the back edge. Move your back leg close to the front edge. With your front foot push down on the board causing it to turn to its side. As this happens simply put your back foot on the edge. Once your back foot is in place move your front foot to the edge.

To get off of the rail, push both feet forward slightly and hop slightly

Number Five: The Nollie Jump

So technically, this is not an easy beginner trick, but it is essential to for anyone learning who wishes to be able to do more tricks in the future. Performing this trick is done by pushing down on the tail, slide your front foot up, and jump. It will take practice. You can practice either in a static position or while moving. Don’t be discouraged if you only get a few inches off the ground the first few times that you try.

Number Six: POP

This is an easy skateboard trick for beginners. When you are in motion, push with the back foot so that the nose comes up off of the ground. You do not want the tail to scrub the ground but rather you want to pivot the board in the air with the weight being placed upon the back tire. The key to this trick is a balance. The faster you are going and the higher you can get the front, the cooler the trick looks. Once you get the pop down try combining a few tricks with it.

Number Seven: Casper Flip Up

​There are various names for this trick. The trick involves laying your board in the Casper position (with the wheels up) and then kicking the board up and out. It spins and you land on it upright. Though this sounds complex, it is extremely easy. I will not lie and say that you will probably land this on your first try, but the technique is super easy. To do this trick, put the board on your front foot. Pick the board up with that foot while at the same time pushing the board out. Jump as the board is in the air and land on the board. That’s it.

When learning this it is advised to practice on the grass or on a soft surface. You will fall and, well, concrete is not nice to hit constantly.

​Number Eight: Boneless

​This is a variation of the pop and a Nollie. When you push down with your back foot to pop the front of the board up, grab the front of the board. Then put your foot back on the board. Of course, you can make it look better than just a grab and go trick. If you feel really adventurous when you pull up with the board lift your back leg to do a slight jump. However, for a beginner, the boneless is an easy and somewhat stabilized trick to perform.

​Number Nine: Fake 180

​If you can do an 180 (see above), then you can do a fake 180. The only real difference between an 180 regular and an 180 fake is that in the fake, you are moving backward. Unlike the Nollie, the board does not come off of the ground. You simply push with your back (or front) foot in the pocket and swivel the board around in an 180 while moving backward.

​Number ten: The Dolphin Flip

​A dolphin flip is similar to a shove it and a barrel. The difference is that it is vertical. The basic footing should be similar to a kickflip where the back of the foot is on the tail and the front of the foot is about the center. This is a bit more complex of a trick for a beginner than the other tricks so please note the steps:

  • Push down on the back of the board to do a POP
  • When the nose is up in the air slide your foot forward with the toe pointed down
  • You want to push down on the front nose of the board causing it to flip
  • Ensure you have enough room to jump
  • Because you are flipping the board with the nose vertically, the back of the board hits first. Therefore, push down first with your back leg so you can land it
  • Put down your front foot and travel on.

This takes practice and you and probably will smack your shins a few times. While it is a bit more complex than a hop or a pop, it looks really nice and gives a bit more complexity to your skateboarding.

Bonus: Pick up the board while in motion

Want to walk away like a pro? While in motion, push on the back of the board while stepping off. You want to pop it all the way vertical. Then just reach down and grab the front nose and walk away like a pro.

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