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A Buyer’s Guide To The Best Longboards For Cruising

If you are new to skateboarding and want to start out with the best option available, then you have to do your research. But where do you start? With all of the longboards and skateboards available on the market, finding the right fit is a bit easier said than done. You should decide if you want to do tricks or if you are primarily going to cruise with your board. If you find that you want to cruise more than you want to try Nollie and 180s, then a longboard may be the option for you. When deciding on which longboard, keep in mind a few terms:

  • Flex – The amount of bend in the center of the board when stepped upon
  • Concave – The amount of curve width wise
  • EG – the term to refer to whether the board is flat or if the sides are higher than the middle

With these terms and a basic understanding about the functionality of a longboard this guide should help you in determining the best longboards for cruising, in today’s market.

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