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How to Clean Longboard Bearings (Skateboard Bearings)

As a novice to longboarding, perhaps you have experienced some slag in your board. If you have performed downhill slides and have found that the wheels just feel odd then it could be that the bearings have become dirty. This is one of the most common problems with a longboard. Even the best longboard bearings will need to be cleaned from time to time. As the moment that bearings are exposed to the world there are elements and erosion which work against them, it is required that you clean them every so often.

A step by step guide to keep your wheels and board looking great. You will do the same for skateboard bearings.

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10 Cool Skateboard Tricks For Beginners

For the majority of us, having a skateboard is for one purpose. That purpose is to do tricks. And while Tony Hawk’s level of skateboarding is outside the reach of the novice, there are a few basic tricks that you can learn. Of course, it is assumed that you understand how to stay on the board and that you use common sense and safety when trying to perform any trick with your skateboard. That being stated, here are 10 cool skateboard tricks for beginners.

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How To Clean Skateboard Wheels

You have a skateboard and notice that the wheels are looking a little dirty. They turn, but they do not turn fluently. It is time to clean them. And I am not talking about wiping the dirt away from the outer edges, but rather getting the deep down dirt and grime which is hindering your ability to do tricks, ride, and enjoy your board. Besides, as the most artwork is on the base of your skateboard, the last thing you want is to have the wheels acting as an eyesore when showing off your cool designs. So, here is how you clean your wheels properly.

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What To Know Before You Buy A Longboard Or Skateboard

Have you considered purchasing a board, but cannot decide on whether you want to get a longboard or a small board skateboard? While there are tons of videos which will give you the obvious answer, that a longboard is longer than a “standard” short board, this does little to give you a comprehensive answer as to why you should buy one or the other.

Like so many things, the topic is greatly saturated in person preference, and in the end this will drive your decision. However, before you purchase your board here are a few differences between a longboard and the “standard” skateboard.

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