The Top Hardest Skateboard Tricks

Skateboarding is generally a sport that revolves around the tricks which one can perform on the board. This is the definitive difference between the function of a skateboard to a longboard. Therefore, the better tricks that you can perform, the higher your status will be as a skateboarder. And while it is ok to start with the basics, at some point you will want to spread your wings and really show off what the board can do. Here are five of the most difficult tricks that you will see on a skateboard. Please do not try these without taking the proper safety precautions.


Number One: Upside down loop

This trick is incredibly hard to perform, so much so that professionals such as Tony Hawk have had trouble with the trick. It is called the loop of death for a reason. To perform this trick you will need to have a pipe built with a top or “loop”. Momentum is the key in this trick. You do not want to push-off as you are quite likely to loose your balance and fall. Again, this is extremely dangerous and you should wear a helmet and have as much padding as possible.

Basically, you will ride down the loop. Bend your knees upon going into the inside of the loop. You and the board will be upside down for a moment. If you can land it, you have definitely made yourself into the top pros. Then again if you can get the pipe built and have the paramedics on standby, you are probably already on the top 10 list.

Number Two: 180 pop shuvit

For those of us which want to look professional but do not want to risk breaking our necks, the 180 or even a 360 pop shuvit is advanced enough. To perform this task, you will begin with what appears to be an ollie. When he board and rider come off the ground, turn yourself and the board 180 or 360 degrees, depending on which trick you are trying to perform. This is one of the hardest skateboard tricks because both you and the board have to be in sync to land it in the original position or in the reverse (for a 180).

Number Three: Rail Grinding

When you grind a rail, you have to have a precise landing and a precise grind. When you skate ledges, you need to ensure that you do not have wax on the trucks. Grinding on a rail is faster because you have metal on metal, wax would make it super quick.

To perform the grind, you will have to ollie up to the rail. The weight should be in the center of the board. Now, as opposed to a ledge, both wheels will be off the ground and the board will be sliding on the trucks, no wheel play will come into the trick. The trick for grinding on a rail grind is not to do high ollies, just do enough so that you land on the rail. Also, do not try to stand all the way up but center your weight so that you can ollie off at the end. The rail grinding trick is one of the hardest skateboard tricks to master, as there are so many different rails and widths.

Number Four: Coffin Trick

​The coffin trick is a skateboard trick in which the person goes from riding upright to laying flat upon his or her back. It sounds easy enough. However, this trick is performed while the board is still in motion. The best way to perform this is to bend the knees and then while at the same time grabbing the sides of the board with your hands. In a very quick movement straighten your legs and lay on the flat of your back. The main obstacle to overcome in this trick is keeping yourself from slamming your head on the ground and kicking the board out from underneath you. Of course, if you try to combine this with a flip or twist, then the difficulty and danger increase, but the payout does as well.

​Getting back up from this trick is what makes the coffin trick extremely difficult. Yes, you can figure out how to fall down on your board with style, but getting up will require you to kick your legs back onto the start position and then balancing your weight to get into an upright position. Where the risk of laying down was that you kick the board forward, the opposite is true when you stand (being that you can kick the board back).

​Number Five: 720 Gazelle Flip

​A gazelle flip is a backside 360 with a 540 flip. To perform the flip you will need to understand big flips and background 360s down. Start with the big foot about the middle with the back foot on the back tail. Scoop with a diagonal pop. Kick with the back leg while twisting the front foot so that you land on the board. Getting this down can be done by doing a big flip and then adding a revert. Go faster and faster with the trick until you can combine the two. This is one of those tricks where you will fall. Get ready for it. However, if you can get your shoulders and turns right, you will distinguish yourself as a skateboard master.

​Use some common sense

​These tricks are extremely dangerous and some can even be fatal if not executed properly or with the proper safety in place. Know your skill level. Yes, you want to increase your skills, but you do not want to kill yourself in the process. Also, wear safety gear when attempting any trick. It is advised that when learning tricks that you do so with someone who has mastered the trick.

​Keep in mind that advanced tricks such as these are based upon the presumption that you have mastered the basics. If there is an areas where you are having issues, master those areas first before moving on to the harder skateboard tricks.

Kenny Woo

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