15 Most Awesome Skateboard Logos Of All Time

Skateboards are known by their aesthetics as much as they are known for their design and functionality. If you have a skateboard, then the odds are great that you have a brand or at least a skateboard logo that you really like.. Here are 15 of the most awesome Skateboard Logos of all time.


Number One: Habitat Skateboards

Just because you are a skateboarder or a longboard rider does not mean that you cannot be globally conscientious. In fact, most skateboarders have a bit of an understanding to organics. This logo captures the green orientation of the company while still having the retro look common to the skateboarding genre.

Number Two: Zero

Zero’s logo gets a great skateboard logo by spinning off the pirate skull and crossbones. Additionally, the logo plays to the blood/splatter look to give it a very grim and gritty feel. While the logo is simplistic, it is effective.

Number Three: Slimeballs

Maybe it is that throwback to the old Nickelodeon’s you can do that on television, but I love the slimeball logo. Greens and purples are great contrasting colors in design, and the logo here really brings out what can be done with them. Slimeballs is more associated with speed wheels, and so having this on a longboard may be a bit odd, but put a sticker near your trucks and you should be fine.

Number Four: Toymachine

Do you love the artwork of Ed Templeton? Do you love space ghost? Then you will probably love this logo. Yes, it is a red devil with yellow horns, but if you really look at the design you will see that there is a definitive tribute to the space ghost type of cartoon. Apart from this design, Ed Templeton’s logos have long been a part of the skateboarding culture. Having at least something by the artist is a must for any serious boarder.

Number Five: 101

The 101 logo is one of the best skateboard logos as it clearly has the minimalistic qualities mixed with the clear focus on artistry. The 101 has been placed to resemble the text code for an emotion smartphone code. By keeping the logo monochromatic green, the effect is really accentuated. Simple, clean, and modern, all the qualities of a great logo.

Number six: Real Skateboards

​Perhaps it not the most visual logo of all time, but it is clearly understood and the brand is a formable force in the skateboarding world. Just make sure that you do not slap this on a low level board as the company is associated with high quality skateboards.

Number Seven: Alien Workshop

Alien Workshops skateboard logo has a throwback to the early 90s, perhaps the 80s. Personally I get the whole Close Encounters of the Third kind or E.T. vibe from it. Additionally, the fact that the logo breaks away from the standard geometric shapes is a big plus for the skateboarding who is looking for logos which break away from the norm.

Number Eight: Hosio Hammerhead

If you ever had issues with your grammar, don’t worry. You don’t need to know how to spell skateboard to love this logo. Definitively designed with an Eastern aesthetic, specifically the logo plays upon the red sun, those which love Eastern influences may want to check this logo out.

Number Nine: Powell Peralta

​While you may be thinking that this logo is a rip off from Pinterest, it is not (as it has been around longer). The fact that the two are so similar and so popular is a testament to the logo design. In terms of a logo, it is simple in both design as well as in colors. There is enough curves to keep it interesting but also enough uniqueness to the logo to make it iconic.

Number Ten: Spitfire

​I consider this logo to be one of the best skateboard logos of all time. The spitfire logo has a bit of variance (you can get that smiling face in about any color). However, if you go to any seasoned longboarder, skateboarder, or even just the average young adult, the odds are that they have at least seen this logo somewhere. And who does not love an evil smiling ball of fire and fun? Definitively a skateboard logo for the ages.

Number Eleven: Dogtown Cross

Who cannot show respect to the dogtown riders? They paved the way for the modern world of skateboarding and longboarding. It should go without saying that a board with this logo upon it is a board that gives homage to the founding fathers of urban skateboarding. Don’t know much about dogtown? Do some research as the name is legendary within the community.

Number Twelve: Santa Cruz Screaming Head

​This logo makes the top 20 list based purely on the graphic design and artistic illustration. As someone who has had extensive training in illustration and design, I can state that the logo has all of the qualities of piece of comic book art. You have the variation of line depth, clean colors, a theme that is unique (I mean who has a screaming hand), and an identifiable base to work from. The logo does not go overboard with the grunge look but has just enough blood and gore to satisfy the grunge appetite of some skateboarders.

Number Thirteen: Independent Iron Cross Logo

​This is another one of those logos which has stood against the test of time. Independent Iron Cross Logo is everywhere within the skateboard imagery. The logo has served as a decal, t-shirt design, skateboard design, etc. It reads more as a patch, but that is not such a bad thing given the clear tribute to biker crosses, and tough guy imagery.

Number Fourteen: Element

​Element’s logo is seen throughout the skateboard industry. Backpacks, boards, t-shirts, etc have all had the logo placed upon them. There are a few different ways you can take this logo. You could look at it from the Eastern design or you could look at it for the simplistic black and white.

Number Fifteen: Blind

​Who does not love a cartoon of the grim reaper? This image gets away from the grimy/pirate look which sometimes seems to oversaturate the market. Because it is a bit more cute and cuddly, those who are attempting to get aa “tough” look may want to admire the artistry from afar. However, if you want to have just a little bit of morbid this is a logo worth looking into.

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