Where To Find Most Longboard Templates To Customize Your Board

Standing out among other longboard riders can be difficult at times especially if you are riding on a board that is mass produced. The best longboard riders understand that those that are serious about longboarding customize their board to fit with their individual personality. Finding the templates for these designs can be somewhat difficult unless you are already a master of art and design, but the average rider needs a little help from trusted sources. Here are some of the best places to find the longboard templates you need to allow your board to stand out and show off your personality.


Pro Model Deck

Some longboard riders are in fact designers themselves and have the software such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. If you are among the lucky ones that can utilize these resources www.promodeldeck.com is your number one shop for longboard templates as well as any other templates related to the skating industry. They offer a convenient download to the platform of your choice so you can design the board directly on the template. If you desire the ultimate in customization, this is the way to get it and get it done right.

Board Pusher

You may be the best longboard rider around, but lack the effective design skills to make your board come alive with custom design. Not to worry because www.boardpusher.com is your number one shop for all the templates you need. This site is also a huge help when it comes to actually how to design the longboard because they offer tips from expert designers, so you can have the board of your dreams even if you did not go to school for design. This will save you a considerable amount of money when you start on your design because you will have the advice from the experts before beginning. Therefore, you will not have some of the heart break of having to start over again and again on the design.

SK8 Factory

​When you need a longboard template, yet you do not know exactly what you want for your design, www.sk8factory.com can help. This website allows you to choose your design based on the shape of the board. You can click on the shape of your board or if the specific shape is not present, you can email them a sketch of your board and they can customize a template for you. They can also assist with any specialty designs you may need as well as offer helpful hints for you when customizing your own longboard. They do charge for some of the services, but it is a fantastic resource for longboard templates.

Grab Cad

​Cad is a world-renowned design program that is utilized by designers from every industry. The website www.grabcad.com is a huge resource for all types of longboard templates. There are fees associated with some of the designs, but others are completely free. Fining what you want is easy to do with their convenient slideshow of designs. The best thing about this site is that the templates are from actual designers so you are assured to find something to fit exactly what you need in your design.

Free Pik

​Resources for longboard templates range from very expensive to completely free. Luckily, www.freepik.com is among the free variety. This site contains free, downloadable temples for all sorts of items and their longboard templates are among the best. You do not have to be an expert designer to utilize this website and the fact that it is a free resource makes it among the most used sites for those looking to customize their longboards.


​There are a number of different resources for longboard templates, but not all are able to be trusted. One source however has been a resource for designers and novices alike for many years. www.zazzle.com allows users to design the longboard of their dreams. This is not just any design website. It allows you to add truly customized aspects to your design and even gives you a look at what your design will look like. In addition to the ability to customize your own longboard through their many templates, your design can be featured in your own store on the website so should other longboard riders like your design, they can purchase it directly from the site. There is no limit on how many templates and designs you can create, so you can in fact make a considerable amount of money designing boards on the site. They do get a portion of the profits, but you do as well, so it is a win for all involved and all it takes is just a bit of time and attention to detail.

These longboard template resources are among the best currently. Some require a membership fee or have fees associated with the individual design, but when you desire a truly customized longboard, the small fees are worth it. These days, there is no excuse for simply relying on the mass produced longboards that the big retailers have in store. You can have the longboard of your dreams if you know where to look and have just a few design skills of your own. With these templates, you can have anything from a simple design with your personal logo or an elaborate design of your own creation. The sky is the limit and if you are serious about longboards, you need the custom design that lets you stand out among the crowd.

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